Thursday, April 30, 2009

The tykes are getting grabby

I had to have a lecture with one of my classes yesterday about how, particularly when it comes to touching other people, when someone asks you to stop or says "no" you need to listen. In other words: my butt- it's not a drum. You know what else isn't? My stomach. Also? It turns out I'm not a jungle gym. Hugs however? I'm so totally there. Just, you know, not all of you right as I'm trying to leave the room, kay?

There were some out of control classes yesterday, all day long kids were getting in major trouble for fighting, not to mention biting. One of the reception classes was even brought to another of my reception classes to see a model for what good behaviour during music class looked like. And one poor girl wet her pants three times. They were beginning to run out of extra uniforms.

On the other hand- they've all got the picture in terms of playing the instruments only when they're asked to, and some of them are even starting to be able to play together as a group- like one clap at one time. Which I think is pretty impressive.

Green class, one of the nursery classes was particularly adorable yesterday. We sang a song with different actions each verse and when I asked for suggestions suddenly we were being sheep, batman, princesses, and frogs. It was pretty great. Also, a fun challenge to fit all of those suggestions into the existing rhythmic pattern of the song.

The upper school music teacher and I began doing music club this week. She uses puppets, storybooks, the piano, and CD's. It is very different from what I am used to doing, but good to see in action. I think I'm going to stay away from the puppets, but there are some good children's music CD's out there and it is silly not to use existing resources. Particularly if they are actually good and not excessively corny. Which is always a fine line to balance.

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