Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Doctor

I just had my new patient intake thingy at the Doctor's office just across the street. (I hadn't managed to sign up with them before hand because I had to have a visa that was valid for 6+ months.) The reception people are very nice but I can't say that I am terribly filled with confidence for the nursing staff.

She asked me absolutely NO medical history questions and got defensive when I asked her if she'd like the answers to some that she might, maybe want to ask me. She did actually take my blood pressure and I did stand on a scale, but she estimated my height- her estimate? 5'9". Um...

I just don't see how an accurate health assessment can be done only knowing a person's blood pressure, weight, and "height."

Grumble grumble grr.

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Anonymous said...

Remember Michelle's advice when we talked to her about the best Dr near the Guildhall. maybe you can contact her. Grammy