Monday, April 27, 2009

job interview

I had an interview today for an internship with a composition project that is being put on in my area. It is working with early years children and had been advertised at GSMD so I thought it would be a good idea to go for it- expand my experience and all that. Also, combining composition with 3-5 year olds? I'm super curious to see how that would work.

My morning got off to a rough start with a lack of clean, presentable clothes and oversleeping. I ended up arriving 10 minutes late to my half hour interview slot, feeling like crap, and being uncomfortably damp from the unexpected rain. It wasn't a good beginning. Oh, and then I got lost.

But I arrived! We sat down to chat and the interview ended up being very positive over all, I think. It sounds like I'm probably not the best match for the project as I've got a bit too much training and experience already for what is essentially a trainee post. However, we ended up talking quite a lot about my approach to early years music education and what I'm hoping to do with my work next year and into the future and the interview ended up being twice as long as it was meant to be. I think that's rather encouraging.

I was proud of myself for being clear that I was interested in projects dealing mostly with education and workshops rather than projects involving me as a bassist. It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but it wasn't something I had articulated yet and it was good to realize.

This evening I got a message on my phone asking if I would be interested in doing a bass presentation and maybe some songs for one of their existing early years classes on Friday. I'll have to check with the MapMaking tutors, but hopefully that will work- it would be a great opportunity. I figure this is another audition sort of thing for other projects they've got in the pipeline.

Sorry for the vagueness, I haven't asked anyone if it is okay to blog about them so I am sticking to my experience and absolutely no identifying characteristics...

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Mom said...

great news - more contacts in the field that you love! Good work and congratulations on the Friday thing. You'll have fun, I'm sure.