Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monday 21-4-08 Berefet

It is our day off before the Wollof people arrive this evening. I have to admit- I am kind of done. I would like to be back in more familiar surroundings, be able to make my own decisions about what to do with my time instead of this constant group think.

We asked for fresh fruit for “fruit salad time” today. This is a great idea in theory, but in reality this meant that we had yellow grapefruit and fresh papaya which sounds all nice until you realize that fresh papaya is VILE. I liked the grapefruit though.

We went on a bush walk today to find some monkeys. We saw a couple but I was unable to take a picture. Some of the foliage was gorgeous and I got a lot of pictures of cows. We ended up in a clearing of palm trees where a man was climbing with a sling to hack palm fruit down. We tried some and it wasn’t terribly tasty- just sort of oily. We walked back via the farm/vegetable garden and the new fancy school that ECCO helped to build. We stopped by some classrooms and said hello while the classes sang out their lessons. One class was learning months and days of the week. The student who was leading it kept leaving out October which I thought was pretty hilarious. At the garden we saw cashew trees! Each nut has its own red/orange fruit that it hangs from. It was a nice walk.

Somehow yesterday I became the yoga instructor du jour. I think it was because Maria and I did quite a hardcore practice in the morning and then she kept raving about it which I really felt quite honored by. In the afternoon I did a short practice with Emma and Jo with lots of explanation because they had each only done yoga once and had found it easy and kind of worthless. Having been trained (as it were) by Will from Charm City yoga in Baltimore, mine was harder. It was nice to have to remember what it was like when I first began doing yoga and how to explain how to do certain postures. Between the calming effect of doing yoga twice in one day and having good conversations with the blondies I am feeling so much more included and like myself.

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