Friday, May 30, 2008

post script: workshops! workshops everywhere!

Apparently in the UK no one uses the words "scootch" or "smoosh."

This caused much hilarity when I tried to tell them to "scootch over here" or "smoosh together in the circle to make room for so-and-so. "

Nice to know I can expand these kids' vocabularies.

also, the spell check in blogger doesn't recognize scootch or smoosh. Incidentally, how would you spell those words?


Anonymous said...

How about "tad" or "smidgen", also bamboozled or hoodwinked?


nortonmiddaugh said...

See, I think those are perfectly reasonable words. But I would spell skootch with a "k," not a "c."

I'm surprised no-one has taught these very useful words to those poor children. Probably a bad educational system. . .

Anonymous said...

They seem to be descriptive to me as well, another one might be "scrunch together". Actually , I like your two better. Have a great time with Laine!! love G&G