Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gambia Itinerary

In response to a comment left by my mother, it occurs to me that it is not obvious to anyone (save myself) that I am posting the Gambia journals/blogs in chronological order. So, in order that you know what has come and what will arrive soon- this is what we did:

Two nights in Cape Point at the ECCO house, one day trip to Paradise Beach

Ferry to Njawara- Four (five?) nights in Njawara- Mandinka lessons

Ferry/Drive to Berefet- Fula lessons

day off-Berefet- James Island and tie dye

Wollof lessons

two days off- market and...uh...don't remember currently, sorry!

Susu/Jola lessons-Berefet

drive to Cape Point for three nights. Evenings with Wollof teachers at their compound, Momodou at his compound and then flight home.

The order of events is correct, the dates/durations should not be subjected to scrutiny. Each set of lessons were three days long.

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emshubox said...

so, I must admit, it has taken me a million years to realize that I can read a blog about your adventures. Modern technology is a mystery to your wife, Casey. You should divorce her. Love you m'dear.