Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Off on my way, now.

I am packed in one suitcase, and with a bit of room to spare. I am amazing. I have sent off my application for the Horniman position, I have updated my portfolio/press packet and I have copies of all sorts of informative things. And my passport. And my bow. And my music. And I successfully uploaded a photo! There is hope yet!

So I guess I'm ready? Time to get in the car and go to the airport?

I never did get around to practicing... this may turn out to be a problem.


gwiz said...

My piano teacher always said, "practice is for pussies." Or maybe that was my alcoholic uncle. Anyway, I haven't played piano in years and I can still totally rock Chopsticks*.

*aka "Cutlet Polka"

Audrey said...

yayy london!!! looks like i have a blogger account. i didnt even know hahah