Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jim Root 1948-2007

I just got the newest issue of Crescendo which is Interlochen's alumni magazine. On the last page they have those people who have died in the last year, and Jim is one of the people who actually got an obituary instead of just their name and when they were at Interlochen.

Jim was the guy who helped me out so much whenever I was traveling with the bass. He hooked us up with a trailer at one point, and was always very sweet about making sure that a van was going to the airport that would be able to carry the bass in its flight case. I made him a paper crane one time to thank him. The second summer I was a counselor I had to go get a parking permit sticker from the security office. The desks were in different places and everything was painted differently; they had completely remodeled everything.

My crane was still sitting on top of his monitor.

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