Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aneta of #16 Buckland Crescent

I finally talked to Aneta (Bill and Lucille call her "Ani" and I never got a chance to ask how to pronounce her name, which is yet another reason why blogs/email/etc. are such a good medium- I can spell correctly that which I have no idea how to say) and she is very nice, though quite harried (the kids are 2 and 6 and were screaming quite literally the entire half hour that we were on the phone.) She also has this great accent with all sorts of rolled Rs and Ls. I think she is from Bulgaria?

Aneta had sent me an e-mail with this giant, two page list of things that I should know about. It was very helpful. Now that we have talked too-this is what I know:

She thinks that a weekend in Amsterdam (or longer) is a great idea, but reminded me that Easter weekend is probably not the smartest time to try to travel. She is lending me a travel card and a phone card. I have all sorts of phone numbers for any number of contingencies, and I now know how to recycle in London. Nice, huh?

We tried to say "see you soon" but of course, that is not the case. They are returning from Singapore on April 18th. I should probably put that in my calendar...

OTHER news:
Renaissance ensemble concert this afternoon, actually, we have the final dress in an hour. I should probably eat lunch before that. The renaissance ensemble is playing first and then the Baltimore Baroque Band (which is another Peabody ensemble. I played Violone with them last semester), Musica Pro Rara, and the Baltimore Handel Choir. (Whenever I try to actually say "Baltimore Handel Choir" I say "hand bell" instead.) Apparently it is a benefit for all of the groups, or at least that is what the rumor is. I have no idea because I am oblivious. Ooo, ooh! There is this awesome natural horn trumpet player who is playing Brandenburg whatever, the one that uses trumpet and is at the beginning of every. single. teaching company tape. Anyhow, Julia (one of the singers in Ren ensemble) and I stayed after rehearsal yesterday in order to listen and he was amazing. Of course, I have no idea what his name is. Because again: I am oblivious.

If I, and everyone else I know who is trying to live in London next year, actually manage to accomplish our goals- I will know four people from Peabody alone. Well, five including me. Kateri, who is already there for transverse flute at Guildhall. Kevin, who is trying to go to Guildhall for composition (he is already in, but is currently working on financial aid things in order to pay for it). Julia, the singer whom I referenced earlier, and her partner Debbie, who plays violin with the Baroque band but whom I think is actually a teacher somewhere. I dunno. (They just want to live in London, they aren't trying to go to Guildhall like the rest of us.) And Mike is wanting to take a year off and live with his sister in Lyon in France. Which is really just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Wouldn't that be cool? Watch us all end up there and then never manage to actually spend time together... I can totally see that happening too.

okay, hungry.


Geoff said...

Hey there :-)
Was searching for Blogs on Bulgaria Travel and found your blog.
And irony I live in Singapore, maybe I might see them here. Small world.

gwiz said...

I'm pretty sure it's pronounced the way you spell it - ah-neh-tah (aneta)..
not sure where the accent is, but if it were Polish (which it could be :) it'd be the second syllable.

Forgot to thank you for the CD. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Casey, I tought of writing a third page reiterating the need of printing all addresses before going there and what to do when the nanny is not available on the phone. Sorry for the adventures. You got lucky with the good old Mr.Hardy. Next time call directly me, I won't be on my flight to Singapore. Aneta