Friday, March 30, 2007

London: Official day #1

I found Guildhall! That was my goal for today: to get down to the Barbican and find where I am supposed to be tomorrow morning. I wanted to know how long it would take (roughly 45 minutes door to door) and figure out a route from the flat to the school. Good thing I did too, I walked all the way around the Barbican (I think I found the restaurant that we ate at after the Philly concert when we sat one table away from the conductor-man whose head-shots were all pretentiously arty and of his hands) and wandered around a good deal of that section of London as well. I ended up going up a level somehow, over a super cool water feature (there is this sunken section in the water that is dry and covered in wire and ivy domes-I want to go play in it), past an annexed section of Guildhall administrative offices, and back down again. But eventually I found it by hearing a soprano warming up and following the sound.

Now for the awards for the day:
Grammy pulls ahead of the competition once again for her e-mail titled "Look Right!" which has been very helpful to remember when crossing streets. Mommy gets an award for telling me to get some sleep when I called her last night, crying (I slept for 16 hours, think I needed it?). Andy gets an award as well for his suggestion of tiffinbites- which is this chain of Indian fast food restaurants, one of which I ate at tonight. You choose from a series of meals named things like "pride paneer" and uh. other stuff. (That was the only one I committed to memory because I thought it was amusing, but they are all alliterative or rhyme-y.) Anyhow, each meal is a set of three plastic tubs stacked together that you can microwave either at the shop or at home. I had something-or-rather mumbai. I think. Anyhow, there was a tub of potatoes in a tomato sauce, a tub of eggplant in tasty sauce, and a tub of rice. Anyhow- it was nice and everyone who worked there was very polite and helpful when it became clear that I had never been there before and didn't know how the whole set up worked. Actually, the guy who helped me out was very unobtrusive in his help, I didn't feel like "hey, you're a doofus for not understanding" which is always nice. Nobody likes being a doofus.

Speaking of other nice people-(this time on the tube) a woman got her hands and bags, but not her body, on to the tube before the doors closed, so she was very stuck. About four people went to go and try and get the doors to open, and when they finally at last did- another fellow jumped on right as they were closing again. The whole car laughed while the fellow looked around, confused.

All in all Life is good. I'll let you know how the first day of the workshop goes tomorrow.

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Mom said...

yup, the first day is the hardest. Sounds like you're having a fine time. Thanks for the update