Sunday, March 7, 2010


So I was just at Jon's pub that he bartends at, and on Sundays they have some live music. Today they had a Kora player and I was all "that's so cool. I love the kora. I should go talk to that guy during a break and say hello and see if I can try out his kora." So I did, and I asked him where he was from: Gambia! Oh, brilliant! And you play Kora so you must be Mandinka- so I said the greeting phrases (the only bit of Mandinkan that I know) and we got to chatting. Hey, I've been to Gambia. It's a small country, I thought, I wonder if he knows my kora teacher-

"Do you know Mamadou Souso?"

"...he's my father."

Woah! You know how people are always like oh, the world, it's so big. They're just wrong.


nortonmiddaugh said...

Huh! THAT'S pretty amazing!

And cool.

Anonymous said...

The Norton thing-only on two continents?