Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Improvised Soup

Today was a soup day (as some days just are) and without a particular recipe in mind and quite a lot of random ingredients around I came up with some delicious deliciousness.


A kettle of water, boiled
two stock cubes (they don't do canned broth in this country, so things are automatically saltier due to the stock cubes)
two medium carrots finely chopped
hand full of runner beans, sliced
One chicken breast thinly sliced
hand full of baby leaf spinach
two eggs
Glug of chili oil
glug of sesame oil
glug of soy sauce

And tah dah! Put things in to the pot in the order they're listed. When the chicken slices turn white then you're ready to go and the chicken will still be all moist instead of tough and chewy like it will be if you let it cook for much longer.


Mom said...

were the eggs poached or more like an egg drop soup? Sounds wonderful.

Casitareina said...

like egg drop soup. Oh, and there was some honey in it as well because I felt like it needed a bit more body.