Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting ya'll up to speed

Sometimes I get really behind and think "Oh! There are so many things I need to blog about!" and then that gets overwhelming so I don't write about any of them...which is doing you guys a disservice. So in an effort to catch up- here is what's been happening in short, easily digestible list form:

1. The bass is at the luthiers. We'll know more by the end of this week. Cross your fingers that he won't have to take the top and/or back off!

2. There was a lot of snow! ("lot" being a relative term here...) and I made it home just fine. School was canceled the next day, which was nice as it meant I had time to do other things that hadn't been possible to schedule beforehand.

3. Did I tell you we had a leak? On Monday morning I woke up incredibly irritated because there was some sort of rhythmic noise that I couldn't identify and it was driving me up the wall. Driving me so crazy that I woke up at a quarter after 5! It turned out that there was water dripping from my ceiling, which was concerning as I am on the ground floor of a three storey building...We think a pipe burst upstairs- or they left a faucet on or something. We're not sure- but currently there is water damage to the upstairs bathroom wall, the kitchen ceiling, and we have no electricity in the downstairs bathroom because water was coming through the light switch. (Which isn't good.) We can't use the upstairs toilet because it flushes onto the floor and floods, and the basement has no's been a fun couple of days.

Hey landlords, come fix our flat!

4. The gambas! They are fun! I need to play them a little bit more before I make a decision, but I've really enjoyed having them around and in fact took one to a jam session yesterday at a new friend's house. So that was cool.

5. I'm going to a piano recital tonight- Mitra is a pianist who stayed at our Baltimore apartment for a week two summers ago while she was auditioning at Peabody. She is from London and is now going to school in New York. I haven't seen her since she stayed with us and am very much looking forward to the recital.

6. I'm taking an optional class on "action research" which is all about research in artistic contexts and practice based research. The woman leading it, Helena, is amazing. She really knows what she is talking about which is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying. For instance, you'll state what you're looking in to and then she'll ask you a question that is about five levels deeper than what you have been thinking about- which is incredibly helpful and like "Ooo, good question!" but also "Ahh! I have no idea!!! Ahh!" I'm enjoying it, but in a lets be brave sort of way.

7. Life is good and I spent yesterday evening cleaning the entire kitchen. I even cleaned out the microwave. It was necessary. I may have been prompted to do all of this as a way of staying in the kitchen as it is by far the warmest and most comfortable room in the flat.

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