Monday, February 16, 2009

Catch up number whatever.

I nicked this picture off of facebook- it is Jon, Me, Rupert, Kate, and Tara jamming in the great hall of Kinnersley the day we left. Look at all that sunshine! In England!

I carry a lot of notebooks around with me. I realized this when I switched from my backpack to a smaller bag in order to go to a show this Saturday. My "pared down" bunch of notebooks included my green Artist's Way notebook, a book of manuscript paper, my calendar, my research project note book where I write down what I'm thinking about/looking up for my IPE, a small black moleskin, and two spiral bound class notebooks- a black one that is full but that I refer to frequently, and a hot pink one that is ready for more notes. So- real quick, that is 7 notebooks.


And that isn't even including the books that I carry around with me in case I might need to look something up/have a second to read and learn new stuff, and the scores for the LCDS project (one of which is 50 pages long! Why?!) Whew. It's a lot of paper.

This week I went to two performances- Complicite and Resolution! 2009.

Complicite is a theatre group that I am very interested in- they devise most of their plays as a company and use lots of mime and multimedia stuff. It is interesting- sometimes they get a bit too clever with what they are doing and it takes away from the story- but most of the time they manage to have incredibly powerful productions. This one, Shun-kin, had a main character that was a puppet.

I just meant to go find out when there were student tickets available but then it turned out that there were 6 pound tickets for that night and it seemed a foolish thing to miss. I was also pleased because I managed to get to Waitrose right as they were marking down all the sandwiches so I had dinner for 70p, and was patting myself on the back for doing something fun so frugally- but then I bought an audio CD of a past performance and a book of plays that they had written so that sort of shot that all to hell.

On Saturday I went to Contact Improv again. So much fun! I think one of my favorite parts is finding out where I am going to injure myself each time. The first time I threw out my left shoulder, the second time I scraped the skin off my right big toe, and this time I overextended my right hip. I'm not being facetious, I get a big kick out it. Remember Laine counting her bruises after ice skating? Same thing. It's also fun to find out where I'm going to hurt for the next three days- each session a different set of muscles I didn't know I had make themselves known. This time it is a band around my ribs, right under my shoulder blades.

At dance class I picked up a flier for a performance at the LCDS that night that involved 6 improvising dancers and 1 musician. So I pretty much had to go, right?

It turns out that Resolution! (as far as I can tell) is an annual festival of new choreographers work from the London Contemporary Dance School. There were three pieces on that night and a HUGE crowd. The improvised one was by far the best and was also a hoot. It was interesting/strange that the most comfortable, relaxed, confident performance was improvised rather than strictly rehearsed and choreographed.

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