Monday, January 12, 2009

The Jet lag: it has caught up with me.

I'm having difficulty figuring out what time zone I'm in. I have been reading this lovely book- a workbook for The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. One of the activities that this book is having me do is write 'morning pages' which are 3 pages of longhand writing as soon as you wake up. The idea is just to get as much mental clutter on to a page as possible and then pay attention to those things that crop up again and again. I've been doing it for four days now and so far I have mostly just been having trouble keeping it to 3 pages. We'll see how long that lasts. The book/course lasts for 12 weeks.

That's just a set up though- the real reason I'm telling you this is to illustrate my sleeping patterns for the last few days. I've been very good at writing as soon as I am conscious enough to reach for a pen, which is actually pretty cool. It means I haven't been sleeping in (sort of, more on that later) because I have a reason to do something as soon as I wake up as opposed to drifting off to sleep again.

So yesterday I woke up at 7:30 in the morning after having fallen asleep around 2:30 in the morning. I wrote for an hour and had great plans about what I was going to do with my day when I passed out again until 3pm. Having slept all day, (I stayed in bed literally all day) I didn't fall asleep again until nearly 5am only to wake up and start writing at 9am. This weekend I wqas so pleased with myself, thinking that I had managed to get on a normal sleep schedule with nearly no jet lag. Clearly it was just delayed.

With this in mind, I am determined to fall asleep at a reasonable hour today.

In other news, I walked through a different portion of Abney Cemetery park today and found the BEST NAME EVER. She unfortunately died at 19 months, which is very sad, but this was in the early 1800's so it was a while ago: Loveday Prettiprose. Daughter of Charity and Samuel Prettiprose.


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