Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today the gambas showed up in a giant box. (Hi Kim!! He's Latana's brother.) I went to the Parcel Force main office in order to get that giant box, and then when they asked me if I had a car- I said, "No, but I've got this nice trolley" and proceeded to wheel it to the bus stop. It wasn't that heavy, just HUGE.

I'm holding the smaller gamba made by Michael Foulds, it has flame f holes and a carved head which is cool, but also creepy with it's carved pupils.

Ella is holding the Chinese Lu Mi viol which she hasn't actually let go of yet. She's just taken it downstairs to find out what notes she was playing so that she can go all composery with them. See? I'm not the only one who thinks tenor viols are *awesome*

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