Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back in London

I made it back to the Stamford hill flat, and look: Internet! 

The flight went well and was also surprising as I found myself seated next to my friend Brian from GHS and Peabody, it's a teeny tiny little bitty world. 

Also, Fresh and Fruity has 10 avocados for £1 today. Just thought I'd share. 


Anonymous said...

So comforting to know you are back and especially to have internet right there, wonderful!!! Wish you were here, too. though. Our power was out for a while so it took a while to get both computers going. Love G&G

Sasha in London said...

For some reason Google directed me to this blog while on a quest to find G.Saks' performance schedule (don't have the slightest idea why). Just had a quick scan through - what a delightful read! *love the phrases blog*