Monday, September 22, 2008

My new room.

I spent all day Saturday finally getting my stuff from the Dalston flat. I’m not sure why no one has been there all week, but they’re never home so it took until Saturday for my schedule and their schedule to line up. Simon, Kate’s fiancée, kindly helped me move and drove my stuff the mile and a half from one property to the other. I have a lot of stuff, and while I feel a bit silly about that-I am also very pleased to have it back around me so that I can actually move into this room.

The room is oddly shaped: there is a bay window out the front of the building and the door is at an angle, so because of that the room is almost circular. From the entrance moving clockwise I’ve got the door, an oddly short wardrobe (Grammy’s blue dress crumples a bit at the hem when it is hanging it is so short), a green arm chair, my red Sons of the Never Wrong poster, Latana’s keyboard and one of the kitchen chairs with my bright yellow coat hanging there, an orange two seat couch, a set of drawers, a fireplace that doesn’t work with all of my books on the mantel and family photos blue tacked to the wall above it, my huge double bed with purple sheets and my red and orange comforter, and then a pile of my empty red luggage is right next to the door again. There is a lot of bright colored-ness going on. It feels homey. (What I neglected to mention is the giant pile of “what exactly is this?” stuff in the centre of the room…)

My room is a little too full of furniture right now. Latana and I need to talk about what to do with her keyboard. I’m happy to leave it in the room- but I think she wants more consistent access to it which makes perfect sense, but we haven’t had a chance to talk about it because I literally haven’t seen her in three days. I think she is working a lot at the Barbican. I love the couch and am SO pleased that it is in my room. It was important to me to have a place to lounge that isn’t my bed, and I was really hoping for an arm chair- but the couch is even better. It goes with my fire toned color scheme too…

The green chair however was just irritating me: It is a LaZboy type recliner that clearly hasn’t been able to close completely for years. So because the foot stool can’t close it took up far far far too much room. Especially with my random crap pile in the middle of the room. It was getting obnoxiously difficult to move (myself) around the room so I kept turning the chair on its side and trying to figure out what the mechanism was so that I could either take the foot stool off or fix it somehow. Instead of fixing it though, I just got really frustrated at the stupid giant chair- so when Sarah Titterington and Dave showed up for dinner Saturday evening I let Dave take a look at it and mess about. I didn’t notice what he was doing until it was almost all done –but he decided that the best way to deal with the chair was to put his back into it and bend the metal. So now the chair will *never* work properly, but it is normal sized now! Success!

Pictures will be forthcoming- I managed to break the battery casing on the new/old/stand-in camera and need to take it to be fixed.

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