Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in London

I have made it back to London in spite of an unexpected day long layover in Philadelphia. There were quite a number of us stuck at the airport and so the hotels filled up quickly, I was fortunate enough to get a room and then spent the next day wandering around the art museum and an Indian/Hare Krishna festival outside the museum. Yay, free Indian food!

I have moved (somewhat) into the new flat- pictures will be forthcoming. Need to figure out how to get my computer and the internet in the same place...My room is wonderful though. Because it is *technically* the living room I have a brand new, never been used, still had the plastic on it, bed. And it is lovely. I also still have a couch, and arm chair, Latana's piano, a wardrobe, two side tables, and some drawers in there. It has become a bit cramped and will be more so when I get the bass back on Wednesday. We'll have to work on some creative rearrangement.

Ella met me at King's Cross and helped get my bags on the bus which was very nice of her, nice to catch up as well. We unloaded the bags, wrote a list of all of the broken things in the flat, and then I had to run down to Sadlers Wells to see my birthday present to myself: Matthew Bourne's newest work- a ballet adaptation of Dorian Gray. It was pretty awesome, though I was less caught up in the story than I was when I saw his version of the Nutcracker. At Nutcracker! I was so caught up in the story that I forgot to watch the dancing in the second half because I was so angry that the Nutcracker didn't seem like he was going to end up with Clara and that just wasn't right. Bourne is an extraordinary story teller. It isn't like The Picture of Dorian Gray is an uncomplicated novel and to be able to tell the story without words, in a modern setting, and to use motions other than the stylized pointing that ballets tend to use is just extraordinary.

Today I've been rushing around signing things for various people and offices. I have to leave now to go to the Leadership student welcome time. It should be fun to get to meet the new first years!

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