Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NYC computer lab

There is a giant Apple store on 5th Ave, and I tried to figure out why it was so packed, and then it dawned on me: free internet! So that is where I am right now. I will be in New York through Liz's wedding. So far this trip I have turned in full whirling dervish regalia down Broadway, stayed in a studio apartment with five people, read a book while on a boat tour of Manhattan, stopped reading a book while on a boat tour of Manhattan because it was, after all, a boat tour of Manhattan, wandered around Central Park (got lost in the ramble), gone to a forum for new choreographers, sang "Bobby McGee" with a crowd of guitarists in Washington Square Park, watched way too much TV (specifically DiscoveryHealth channel, where you can sit and loaf while watching other people get healthy), and spent a lovely evening with Daria listening to awesome stories about my parents (also playing with a very small kitten who has yet to be named.) Good stuff.

Today I am planning on going to the Met and seeing a movie called "Waitress" which my favorite movie critic blog loved and which I missed when it played for a week in Baltimore. Should be good.

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Lorrin said...

Happy to see the Apple store was packed with people wanting to take advantage of free internet... and not necessarily because they were drawn to the high-priced shiny objects of mass illusion.... :-p