Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Baltimore Nostalgia

I've turned in my studio key, I've been to my last double bass department party, my favoritest housemate has left for the year (and taken all her stuff with her, our house is cleaner now), my bass locker is empty (really, a good thing considering that I no longer have the key. See the first item in this list). I've said good bye to my favorite security chief (Cas), my favorite business office lady (no idea what her name is. I'm a terrible person), most of my Homewood people, and all sorts of assorted acquaintances I've run into around the neighborhood.

Guys! I'm getting really sad! And I don't get to leave for another month-ish! Oi.

In other news, we have a lodger.

Mietra (I think that is how you spell it) is a pianist from London who is here for late auditions. Her hotel plans fell through and she saw one of Angela's sublet signs and so called us. She's great and I've had a lovely time talking to her, not to mention the massive kick I get out of telling people that we have a lodger. Or really, just thinking to myself "we have a lodger!" I can't explain why I think this is so great, but I really really do. Plus, you totally have to give props to someone who would take that initiative and look for unexpected alternatives when the hotel fell through.

The picture is from the bass party. It is the six of us who entered as freshman and who are (mostly) graduating this year. L to R: PJ, me, Slammer (Paul), Taylor, Nick, Andrew, and Ben.

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