Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Ideas From Children

I'm marking the kid's Religious Education books. Okay, so I probably should have done this...before. But I'm doing it now! So that's good.

At one point we were illustrating the metaphor of good= light and bad= dark. I've just got to a page where one of the children has drawn a giant warning sign that says "DANG" with exclamation point above it. I think it's adorable! (even though the next page makes it clear that what he was *trying* to write was "danger," which isn't nearly as funny as Dang!)

One child has suggested that on the sabbath Jewish people could go to the opera or go swimming. Those are his only two suggestions. I kind of love it. This same kid's explanation for why David fought Goliath was the reward of £10,000. (I don't remember that part of the story...?)

Possibly my new favourite: under Things I Wouldn't Do If My Parents Were Watching I found the suggestion that perhaps it would not be the best idea to smuggle a mummy from Egypt into the house under your folk's noses.

I heartily agree.

Also, "don't wobble with your silly faces." I mean, who could disagree with that?

And don't make the BT tower break. Very important to remember not to do that in front of your parents.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say marking their books? also, What is the BT tower? Love your blogs though. G&G

Casitareina said...

Some translations:
"marking" means grading
and "BT" is British Telecomm

love you!

Anonymous said...

I forget these are the older kids and I thought you were writing in them. I guess these are notebooks or something in which they are supposed to write their comments. We look forward to your visit next month especially for a fairly long time. I am almost ready to bind the quilt for Colin, Karin's 2nd boy. Sonja is expecting in April. We are going to Sun Valley with Andy and Nancy in August. Love G&G

nortonmiddaugh said...

Perhaps we could get a !!!!DANG!!!! t-shirt?