Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Barren, Barren Blog

Continuing with alternative ways of letting you know what I've been up to, here are some random extracts from my diary! [Ed. 'Daily Planner,' remember?]

Jan 18
8:15 school
1pm meeting with head of EYFS
2pm Sarah concert/Liverpool St
4pm Mer and Sarah- take over the world
7:30 yoga
9:30 skype Nik

Jan 19
8:15 school
CV to Rob! Tonight!!
7pm pints and planning Fire-Hazard

Jan 20
8:15 school
6:30 Toni
dinner with Linda
Jez meetup!

Jan 29
Take care of Muffy! [Ed. Muffy is Mer's kitten]
10:15 Music Workshop
6pm Marissa's housewarming!

[Ed. An email I received the following Monday regarding the workshop
"Dear all

The composition workshop last Saturday was a success!
Thanks to Casey and the students for their work!

Hereafter the video of the final performance:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pkNUUKeQ3k "]
Feb 2
8:15 school
9am EYFS meeting
11am lesson observation
Russian lunch! sign up!
7pm Fire-Hazard Pints and planning!
Send CPD participants email! Do I need the djembe?
Feb 3
8:15 school
12:20 mtg with Headmistress
Impro Show! Arrive by 8:30! Aieee!
Feb 4
6:30 Gwyn- take over the world
Feb 5-6
CPD weekend (meet Dutch folks at 9:50)
Harrow! (Call Ruth!)
Nik @ Night
This week we've got another Improv show (Thursday! 9:30! If you're in London you should really come! It's only £5! And we might even be funny!) And this weekend is Heist take 2 at the Old Police Station. (Sold out in 4 hours! Woah...) And school is trucking along (we've planned an open music day AND a performance/recital thing for next term!)

What you don't see listed in my diary is my daily ohmygodwhatamIgoingtodonext*year*???? freakouts. I try not to document those too much...
Busy busy busy bee.


laine said...

tell me about the jez meetup!

(how awful is the new site design?!!)

Casitareina said...

I love the Jez meetups! This one was too loud, but fun people and a pair of women who knew *all* of the same band guys...I felt totally confused and out of my depth on that topic, but they were so animated and enthusiastic that it was fun to listen to anyway.

I hate the new site design. I want to read reams of comments- not just the one they feel like I should read.

I don't mind the scrolling for articles *so* much, but still am not a fan. Whatever.