Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime in Seattle

The weather has been so very obliging since I've been here. Aside from a few random hail storms (what?) and the ubiquitous rain- there has been brilliant sunshine at times and the cherry trees are in full bloom and the moss is growing all over everything and there are banks filled with daffodils. I love spring. Especially in Seattle with all the lilac trees and people out on their bikes taking! advantage! of! the! SUN!

We're getting some good work done: Laine is moved out of her apartment and in LA currently and my folk's basement is starting to look different and like there is real progress being made. I've made four or five trips to Goodwill with my van completely packed. We've done one recycling trip to the dump, a bunch of trips to the storage units, and we have a *system* in place- which makes all of the process geeks in my family happy.

Something about this whole project has made me very spacially unaware though- I've managed to seriously bang up my head multiple times. On Thursday I smacked a piece of wood into my temple, hit my head seven times on my sister's dining room lamp, and then banged the back of my head on the headboard of her bed. On Friday I cut my hand on a picture frame. On Saturday I amassed a bunch of random bruises all over my body, and today cut my ankle on a bookshelf and dropped a typewriter on my foot.

Safety first, Miss Casey. Safety first.

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