Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swine Flu

I knew I wasn't washing my hands around the tykes quite enough... It started on Friday with a bit of a sore throat before getting full blown enough that I was shivering and had a blinding headache by Saturday. Meredith brought over a thermometer today and I'm ranging between 37.5C and 38.6C usually hitting 38.1C.

Which, for those of you who know Fahrenheit better than Celsius, is a range of 99.5F to 101.5F, and usually hitting 100.6F.

Meredith is returning the Flu Buddy favor and getting me the Tamiflu this afternoon. Thanks to her I also now have some soup, toilet paper, and shampoo- all of which I had managed to run out of. So yay Meredith!

I feel the worst at night and wake up many, many times to blow my nose, both cover up more and kick the covers off, and just generally from muscle pain.

Then, during the day, I'm just bored. But I don't feel like standing up. I am drinking lots of fluids though, and though I haven't really been napping- I also definitely haven't been exerting myself.

So there you go- update for today.

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Anonymous said...

Casey i am so sorry , but glad your temperature is not higher. please take good care of yourself with rest and fluids as you are doing. Much love for a speedy recovery. We got a lot done yesterday and freezer is going out today.