Saturday, August 1, 2009

Music class with Tykes!

On Friday one of the activities we did was music! Which made me really happy, I like teaching music. But it also brought up a new question: what do I do when half the class knows the songs really well and the other half (or even third, whatever) has never heard them before? We sang "My Mini-beast Friends" which is one of the songs that I did with the nursery classes for parents day. It's a fun song because it's got this part where it goes "down on the ground" and you bend over and touch your toes. Hilarity ensues. In any case- I couldn't get through one line of teaching it to the new kids without having the tykes who already knew it start hollering the rest of the song out.

This is actually going to be a big challenge: a lot of the songs I've used so far I'd like to continue using because they're fun, I like them, and I have a clue how the kids react to them. But if I'm not going to be able to teach them? The tykes stay in nursery for one or two years depending on how old they are when they start, and I'm not sure how many tykes enter the school at reception age but I should think it wouldn't be an insignificant number which means that both sets of classes will have a bunch who've had me as a teacher before and a bunch who haven't.

In any case we also did art yesterday. Listening in on a conversation during home time I heard this interaction:

Girl 1. Wow, my painting is so pretty! Can I see yours?
Girl 2. shows girl 1 her painting
Girl 1. Wow, my painting is so pretty!

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