Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I went walking in Abney Park Cemetery today after dropping off my last rent cheque for the Stamford Hill flat (it sounds like we're good to go for moving in to the Clapton place next Monday. Oddly, we're also meant to sign the contract on Monday? So paperwork and moving on the same day? Am I the only one who think that sounds a little weird?) Since it was such a lovely day out and since I had a handy plastic take out container with me I thought: let's pick blackberries!

Here are some helpful hints for blackberry picking:
1. Wear smart shoes. Blackberries are thorny, flip flops are not advised.
2. I'm not sure if this is true everywhere or not but in Abney park the blackberry bushes are frequently growing in tandem with stinging nettles.
3. Stinging nettles look like this:
4. It is not sacrilegious to stand on headstones in order to reach juicy, delicious blackberries
5. blackberry juice stains. Maybe endeavor not to use your shirt as napkin for finger wiping.

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Anonymous said...

Casey Put boiling or very hot water on the berry stains. I clean off my jam stains all the time that way with my hot faucet. it disappears right away G&G