Monday, July 13, 2009

Other Things

*I don't know my scores yet for the performance and the viva. I assume I've passed since what feedback I've had has been good, and I will of course keep you posted as soon as I know anything.

*I just had my first round of acupuncture today. I've been having some intestinal issues and the doctor at school suggested that I try acupuncture. It was fine but I was extremely startled to open my eyes at one point and see an older, lank haired man smiling down at me. It is a teaching hospital and he was the supervisor. I hadn't heard him came in and, like I said, was startled. This seems to be my biggest impression of the first session.

*RASA, a wonderful restaurant on Stoke Newington Church Street had their 15th anniversary party yesterday and so Ella and I went. Lots of delicious free food, huge coconuts being cut open and straws stuck in, TONS of tourist information on Kerala (anyone want to go on a South Indian cooking vacation? Because I have some suggestions), and really lovely people all around. There were cultural events like a dance performance, some music, cooking demonstrations, and they'd even set up a little village with a tea shop and toddy shop over in the corner. It was held at William Patten school which was also fun to wander around in; it looks like a wonderful and vibrant school. Plus they have a great little side garden.

*We're moving next month and now are in the midst of figuring out how this is all going to work. Cross your fingers for me will you? I want a double room that has a lot of charm, is near fun grocery shopping options (I've been so spoiled with Fresh and Fruity), and has good transport links around the city. Know of anything? You know? On the off chance that you've got a friend in London with a room like that that they're looking for someone to fill?


laine said...

what does a double room mean? sharing the room?

Casitareina said...

you'd think that, wouldn't you? No, it means double bed. I'm not going to back to a single- I like room to stretch out diagonally...