Saturday, July 18, 2009

Because I do things like this

On Friday I went with a friend of a friend of a friend to Regents park where giant tree houses are being built for a gallery opening tomorrow. I don't really understand why it is all being built, but they are *beautiful.* I started out with the instrument makers but they didn't really have a good plan of what they were doing and the drills kept running out of batteries so after it stopped bucketing down with rain I went to help the wall weavers. They had a bunch of willow branches donated so those were being kept in the boating pond which was a: a good idea to keep them all supple-like and b: a bad idea because they were covered in goose poop. Gross.

But giant basket weaving! Around a tree house! In the rain! I was super happy. We got a good two and a half feet woven together, it was very satisfying.

Lots of lovely people, but I didn't feel hipster or hippie enough to really feel totally comfortable.

Today was Ella's mom's birthday party in Highbury and that was lovely and fun, good conversations. This evening was Meredith's debut as a horn soloist with a chamber orchestra. She played wonderfully and looked beautiful. After that we went to a little middle eastern restaurant where Meredith's sister borrowed/stole my book: Watching the English by Kate Fox.

I highly recommend this book- she's a social anthropologist who has spent her career documenting what makes up Englishness. It's hilarious. While reading I keep alternating between giggling and going "Oooh." as things suddenly become clear. It's brilliant. We sat with a bunch of Serbian women at the pub and I recommended it to all of them too.

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