Sunday, June 19, 2011

What I Have Been Eating Recently

This doesn't have a good name, I mean, it doesn't have *a* name. I've been referring to it as "the lentil stuff" which I suppose is descriptive if not appetizing.

The Lentil Stuff

Chop an onion, sizzle it in a pot.
Crush a handfull of brazil nuts, pop in the pot.
Dump a bunch of puy lentils in, a mug's worth?
Open a can of chopped tomatoes, bung that in too.
Decide that that doesn't look like enough liquid- fill up the can with water and pour it in.
Cook covered for a while.
Remember that you were meant to put some bullion in, toss a vegetable stock cube in.
Oh yeah, and some sugar. Decide that honey is probably even better and spoon some in.
Look at it for a while.
You know what that could use? Some more tomatoes. Open another can and add those.
It's still really watery, take the lid off.
Get bored.
Discover that you have some fresh tomatoes, chop up a couple of those and throw them in.
Bet that some freshly chopped basil would be really nice on top...

Decide that the lentils are *cooked* and spoon it into a bowl. Add some basil.

Make the ultimate decision: spoon or fork?
Choose fork.
Regret that decision.

Num num num.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it would last you a week before you could eat it all up. Sounds good and tasty though. We look forward to seeing you. Your quilt should be done by then. The top is all together now. G&G

Mom said...

sounds great. You could throw some rice in there too. It would thicken the sauce. love, Mom