Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming Soon!

This blog is getting behind, for which I apologise. However, I need to be getting some sleep so that I can teach the tykes well tomorrow (we're singing songs about caterpillars and we're going to wiggle and spin and munch. I'm using a lesson plan from a book and trying to un-twee it a bit.)

Here are some mini entries so that A: you know what is coming and B: I make a commitment to actually write about them...

Cornwall: The End- amazing, so much fun! Beautiful weather! I miss the kids already.

Bubblegum: The Conference- a very silly piece written by my flatmate- I chewed bubblegum in concert for it.

Taming of the Shrew- RSC performance with one of my favorite actresses. Wow, that was difficult to watch. Remind me that I HATE the taming of the shrew and I really ought not to see it, even if I love the people in it. Also, is Shakespeare evil? More to come!

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