Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving Day

Today is the big move-out day for Sundial for most people. A few of us are staying until the end of next week for various reasons, myself because I still have a workshop to do on Monday and I'm not sure entirely where I will be sub-letting from yet-so this gives me an extra week to sit down and figure that out.

Moises and Meredith already left for Spain and America weeks ago, so it has just been Latana, Patrick, and me in the flat. Last night we were all boxing up our kitchen stuff and cleaning like mad. There have been horror story rumors floating around the building about how the facilities department totally makes stuff up in order to hold on to your deposit- so we were determined to give them nothing to complain about...

I hadn't totally wrapped my head around the fact that last night was the last night in flat nine. I got all of my stuff packed and moved in plenty of time though, which is saying something considering the last two times I have had to move. Driving across country last summer the only thing that managed to save me was huge, ridiculous amounts of help from Zane, Liz, and Miranda. Packing for London in September, I was at *least* 45 minutes late getting going for the airport and that was after literally staying up all night packing. So done and cleaned by 11am? I rock.

I haven't moved very far though, only to flat 11- which is across the hallway on the same floor in the same wing of Sundial. Unfortunately, whomever just moved out wasn't as inspired in their cleaning as we were. Also, flat 11 doesn't get cleaned until after the Guildhall people move out and real live paying customers come in. So I'm going to need to clean another room, because it is gross and used to be inhabited by a smoker. Oh well, just one week. At least I didn't have to move very far.

I am astonished by how much stuff I have managed to accumulate in one year. Part of it, of course, is the stuff that I kept having people bring over from America for me, but a lot of it is from my remarkable ability to attract pieces of paper. So much paper. And instruments. The bass, the djembe, the other bass, the amp, the bass stools that I have two of because they were sold in a pair...

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