Saturday, November 3, 2007

Re-visiting old haunts

I'm currently sitting in the Internet cafe that I spent so much time at in April. The same guy is still working here and we smiled and said hello to each other, but I feel bad because I no longer remember his name...I do remember that he is from Sri Lanka and listens to Sinhalese songs on YouTube.

The reason I'm back here at the Swiss Cottage station is because I went to visit the Alexanders today, they're lovely- and it is nice to finally meet Kirk. Aneta made Bulgarian tea with honey that her mother made and oooh, it was tasty. The honey is wonderful, though confusing because it looks like melted, congealed butter in a jar that definitely doesn't say "honey" on it.

Philip remains loud and boisterous (Aneta assures me that he is not always quite so loud, we both suspect it was because there was a visitor), and Elena spent nearly the whole time I was there batting a balloon around and is much better at actually communicating than she was in April- she even said "hello" when I arrived and "bye-bye" when I left. She is also very satisfying to tickle.

Back when I was in America I was trying to figure out the most American thing I could to bring them. What I came up with was microwave popcorn from the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota- figuring that not only is it the largest corn palace in the world; it's also the only corn palace in the world.

All in all: a successful visit, I hope to see them again soon.

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